Zerfa Garena Free Fire, COD, PUBG Trigger 6 Finger Mobile Game Controller


Zerfa Garena Free Fire, COD, PUBG Trigger 6 Finger Mobile Game Controller – L2R2 Gaming Grip Mobile Joystick Gamepad Controller Mobile Gaming Accessories Trigger for 4.7-6.5″ iPhone/Android

Brand Zerfa
Colour Black
Operating System Android
Connector Type Wireless
Item Dimensions LxWxH 15.7 x 12.4 x 3.6 Centimeters

About this item
?6 FINGERS OPERATION, FULL OF CHICKEN DINNER- Just use your index and middle fingers to press the L1 R1 L2 R2 triggers, that shooting, aiming, left/ right tilted head, moving, jumping, squatting and and lying operations can be performed at the same time, It will be a breeze to defeat the thumb-hold players, also a massive advantage in close range combat because difference in milliseconds can be life or death. No disconnection, response delay, root request or system incompatibility issues.

?180°FLIP DESIGNED CONDUCTIVE TOUCH HEAD- Rotatable touch head for easy installation of the phone and customize buttons layout without removing the phone. High-density conductive rubber and alloy triggers ensure speedy and sensitive response, and it won’t obscure the game map. Alloy l1 r1 l2 r2 buttons are tested over 100,000 times to ensure durability and fast responsive.

?TELESCOPIC-BOOM GRIP & PLAYING WHILE CHARGING- The stretchable grip makes it compatible with all 4.7-6.5” phones of iOS and Android device. The side of the phone will not be blocked, so you can charge it freely when playing. Hate that charging cable getting in the way when playing fierce survival games? We solved it for you. The triggers are set on the back not shoulder, so there is an angle and distance between your index finger and the cable, it won’t interfere with your operation at all.

?ERGONOMIC CONTROLLER & PHONE SECURE LOCKED IN PLACE- People may get hands cramps after playing hours of battle royal games with cellphone.gamepad is specially designed for mobile shooting games, it extends your phone to a traditional Xbox or PS controller, more comfortable for big hands. Phone body and controller are firmly fixed through three contact points covered of rubber pads to prevent the phone sliding, and won’t press your on off button and volume keys, or scratch your phone.

Supported Devices & Games
? Compatiple for Pubg Mobile,Knives Out,Rules of Survival,Survivor Royale,Battle Royale,Critical Ops, etc.
? Designed for games on iPhone and android, suitable for all models of 4.7-6.5-inch iPhone Android phones.

6-Finger Operation, Fast Shooting
? Play mobile games with 6 fingers, define the button as you like and quickly upgrade your skills!
? Improve game experience, to help you be the pro on your game.

Physical Button
? The mobile trigger can be flipped for easy operation of the screen.
? Quicker, more responsive, more sensitive, the game more pleasure.
? Sensitive Touchpad, No damage Screen.

Best 6 Fingers
? 6 Fingers, 6-finger operation, more buttons, more advantage in the game.
? This game controller can also be used without removing the phone case.
? You can simultaneously move, turn, aim and shoot by using the index fingers to press the buttons, the simultaneous operation of these actions will greatly increase the success of the game.

How to use:
⒈ Start the game and click Settings – Control – Customize.
⒉ Move the AIM to the upper left corner.
⒊ Move the Fire button to the top right corner.

[You can adjust these according to your own habits]


PLEASE NOTE: Minor spring sound is normal. This game controller is highly durable. So don’t worry about it.


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